Which tax service is best reddit?

Turbo Tax: expensive if you don't have the other free edition, but it's still the easiest one. Additional applications and tools for importing help. I use Turbo Tax every year as an error checker (I put all the numbers but don't declare them). Would you recommend taxslayer to both me and my parents? (I've been helping them with theirs because they earn very little but are more active than normal) we are both in South Carolina Me: married, 75,000 total income of w2, 10,000 income from Schedule C, 2 children, interest on student loans, house sold (probably zero profits), house bought, ha, child care expenses, some Child Care FSA Parents: 12,000 SS revenues, 10,000 property rental income Honestly, it's not as bad as before, he used to have a lot of income (but he's retired).

TaxAct is without a doubt the easiest and least expensive option available. I have been using it for years. And I always get my statements from the Federal Reserve and the state in ten days or less. My entire presentation cost me $15 this year.

This is a work in progress and not an exhaustive list. I'm focusing on options through the IRS Free File and free tax preparation programs. TurboTax and H%26R Block are no longer part of the IRS Free File Alliance, so I generally won't recommend them. But if you know of any options that I omitted or have any corrections, please let me know.

You'll need your photo ID, social security cards, or ITIN letters for everyone on the return (including dependents) and all your tax documents. What I like the most is Turbo Tax, because it's the easiest to use (from my point of view) and most complete. In fact, if you're looking specifically at filing taxes, there's a good chance you'll find a megahilo where taxpayers discuss their individual experiences with the different tax filing methods they used before or in a specific tax year. Both the free version of the IRS and the free tax version of TaxSlayer should support any type of income without surcharges, as long as it is below the AGI limit.

I'm doing taxes for adults for the first time and was wondering if anyone has advice on free tax preparation software. If you have a specific question or need personalized help with taxes that don't fall within this area, don't hesitate to start a new conversation. These are different from what those services advertise as their free versions, which are only free for basic options and require you to pay for anything beyond that. I literally used the taxes on cash applications just now to declare them, since I made a pact with myself to finish filing my taxes by the end of January instead of waiting until early April as I usually do, so I guess that's great.

Since tax laws won't get any easier any time soon, with each passing year, more people decide to pay their taxes on their own with the help of tax preparation software. I found that my benefits were slightly higher with TurboTax, but either way I like TurboTax for simplicity's sake. If you want information, you can advance to Free Tax USA, choose not to pay it, and then use the free IRS file. TurboTax and H%26R Block allow direct import from many brokerage firms in exchange for a fee, but not for unlimited transactions.

I've never used TaxAct, so I can't compare, but I use TurboTax and since it allows you to go step by step or go to the sections you want.