Where is the best place to get your taxes done?

How would you recommend people to “do their taxes”? Should we go to an accountant, or to one of those places where the guy in the costume of the Statue of Liberty is outside waving a banner, or to TurboTax (or similar)? TurboTax is a long-standing provider of tax software. They, like TaxSlayer, offer a free option for simple tax circumstances. Their pay levels are similar in features to those of TaxSlayer, but they cost a little more. H%26R Block, which you may know for its human tax preparation, also offers online tax preparation.

The free option offers free filing at both the federal and state levels. All the tax software providers we reviewed offer a free tier for those who file taxes with simple returns. TaxSlayer offers the cheapest paid packages from the tax providers we reviewed. Not only are their list prices the lowest, but they also offer you your first free state refund.

Do your taxes for yourself without leaving your home. Simply upload your documents and a tax professional will do the job. Connect with your tax professional via video or secure messaging. Many online tax preparers now offer live assistance, so if you have any questions while filing, you can get help in real time.

A low-cost tax preparation software that has special services for self-employed workers and active members of the military. Self-employed people may feel additional levels of stress when it comes to paying taxes because their finances can be quite complicated, with income from multiple sources, for example. Never sign a blank tax return; the preparer could put anything on the return, including your own bank account number to steal your refund. This is because a professional CPA can help you resolve difficult tax issues, such as business structure, tax planning measures, etc.

Here's a link to its free version for those with the simplest tax situations, including free state filing. The IRS requires that anyone who prepares or helps prepare federal tax returns for compensation have a PTIN. It can also offer the best tax preparation experience for multiple taxpayers and can be a great option for your tax return. This will give you, or your CPA, an idea of what this year's taxes are likely to be like and help you get ideas about the information you'll need.

One thing I do with my friends who don't have very complicated returns is that I tell them to file the return in Turbo Tax and then let me check it before they file it. The guarantee applies only to tax preparation fees and does not include additional services, such as eCollect or Protection Plus fees. This helps ensure that you pay your estimated quarterly taxes on time and accurately, eliminating much of the confusion of tax season. EY TaxChat team members are “trained and licensed tax professionals and have a certified public accountant or enrolled agent (EA) license.

If you have a side job, a rental property, or a lot of assets, getting someone to pay your taxes can be profitable in the short and long term. However, if you're simply more comfortable going to a licensed tax professional in person, there's nothing wrong with that.